Tuesday, October 13, 2009

About a Boy : RMT

He is :
Chinesse look. Chilly face. Charming. Cool. Egocentric. Modest. Loving. Caring. Apoplectic. Struggle. Clean and Tidy. Smart. Clever. Excellent at basketball. Pretty good at billiard (I beat him somehow!). Good at football. Good in swimming. Great in singing. Good at guitar. Great at drum. Very great in doing massage. Spoiled sometimes. Fun. Huge appetite. Dislike pastry. Love chocolate. Hate crowd. Hate hot climate. Hate traffic. Love jeep. Love siberian husky. Banana-handy. Strong eyes (haha..he can stand minutes not to blink!). Love Magnum Filter. Lovely-right-whiskers. Love coke. Addictive smell. Fun to be with.

He is :
moni. monitaro. kweki. kuki. monthesdrei. pangeran bebek. randy. tangan pisang. kulit gelandangan. bau gembel. tukang pijet. kuli bangunan.

We've been through almost two years. with many fights. many sorry. many forgives. many laughs. (hate-to-say) 3 times break up and 3 times make up. many journeys. uncounted hugs. uncounted kisses. favorite pose. uncounted nicknames. etc etc.


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